Saturday, March 6, 2010

Luiz Eça & La Sagrada Familia - Onda Nova do Brasil (1970)(320)

This record is a real treat. Luiz Eça is an underrated pianist, once part of the Tamba Trio, who takes a number of Brazilian standards on a pop trip on Onda Nova do Brasil, or "Brasil's New Wave". A unique take on Jorge Ben's "Pais Tropical" is an early standout, as is the rendition of "Yemele". The pianist frequently takes a backseat to a number of talented vocalists and featured guests like Naná Vasconcelos. The record seems never to have been properly released in Brazil-- all of the available records were published in Mexico in the late 70s years after it was recorded. For this reason the band name and album name are widely recognized in Spanish as well. Regardless, Onda Nova is a gem which has gotten a little more circulation in the last few years and I was glad to rediscover it as Spring sneaks its way in. Enjoy!


1. Homem da Sucursal - Barravento
2. Pais Tropical
3. Juliana
4. Atras das Portas da Tarde
5. La Vamos Nós
6. Sequestro
7. Se Você Pensa
8. Sa Marina
9. Yemele
10. Please Garçon


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