Friday, February 11, 2011

Loretta Lynn - Country Music Hall Of Fame

"You daggone right"

Many people know of Loretta Lynn thanks to Jack White, who produced her 2004 comeback album Van Lear Rose . It's a solid release, but for my money, these hits are really where it's at. My favorite has gotta be "Fist City", on which Loretta threatens to lay down an ass-whuppin' on anyone who gets near her man. 100% Badass. Peep the embedded video below. It somehow sounds even more menacing as she says it with a smile on her face... There's an incredible juxtaposition in the transition from "One's On The Way" to "The Pill": First, she plays the loyal matriarch, obediently staying at home with the children while her man is out getting drunk. Thank heavens for the invention of birth control, as Loretta sings her ode on "The Pill". What a controversial subject for the time... I could listen to this collection all day.


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