Monday, May 23, 2011

Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch (1964)

"SS: When you would spend time together in New York, what were some of the things Eric enjoyed doing other than playing?

RD: Cooking swordfish steak. It was the first I’d ever heard of a swordfish steak. He went out to the neighborhood fish market, bought it and cooked it."

I find these two features from Stop Smiling magazine very telling about Eric Dolphy. The above quote comes from an interview with Richard Davis, the bassist on this album. The second is a short piece written by Bobby Hutcherson, the vibist on this album. Dolphy seems to have been a very humble, genuine person. The jazz world of the time had its share of egoistic and volatile players (if anyone knows of any stories detailing Dolphy's interactions with Mingus, please share). It's refreshing to read that Dolphy was respected as a sweet guy. Out To Lunch kicks off with "Hat and Beard", a tribute to the High Priest of Bop, Thelonious Monk. Instead of a pianist Dolphy employs Bobby Hutcherson on vibes. Dolphy also pays homage to flautist Severino Gazzelloni. As Wikipedia confirms, the final track of the album is meant to "to evoke a drunken stagger." Cheers.


1. Hat And Beard
2. Something Sweet, Something Tender
3. Gazzelloni
4. Out To Lunch
5. Straight Up And Down


Freddie Hubbard, trumpet
Eric Dolphy, alto sax, flute & bass clarinet
Bobby Hutcherson, vibes
Richard Davis, bass
Tony Williams, drums

Produced by Alfred Lion
Recording by Rudy Van Gelder
Recorded on February 25, 1964
Digital Transfer by Ron McMaster
Cover Photo and Design by Reid Miles



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  2. hi, do you own this CD? I'd love it in FLAC

  3. To mertin: it's available in FLAC, just search on

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