Friday, October 23, 2009

Sun Ra - Sound of Joy (Recorded 1956, Released 1968) (320)


1. El Is A Sound Of Joy
2. Overtones Of China
3. Two Tones
4. Paradise
5. Planet Earth
6. Ankh
7. Saturn
8. Reflections In Blue
9. El Viktor
10. As You Once Were
11. Dreams Come True


Sun Ra: Piano, Wurlitzer electric piano
Art Hoyle: Trumpet
Dave Young: Trumpet
John Avant or Julian Priester: trombone
Pat Patrick: Alto sax, tenor sax
John Gilmore: Tenor sax
Charles Davis: Baritone sax
Victor Sproles: Bass
William Cochran: Drums
Jim Herndon: Tympani, timbales

Supervision: Tom Wilson, Transition Records
Album Production: Robert G. Koester
Cover Photo and Design: Zbigniew Jastrzebski
Adaptation to CD, Art Direction: Kate Hoddinott

Delmark, DD-414


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