Thursday, April 1, 2010

Albert Ayler - Spirits (1964) (320)

"'Trane was the Father...Pharoah was the son...I am the Holy Ghost."

Part 3 of 3. Now we finally hear from the Holy Ghost, and how appropriate with this "Spirits" recording. I don't have too much information on this one, and to be honest this one doesn't grip me as much as the other two have. I prefer the second half of Spirits: contrast the burning drums and demented horn playing on "Holy, Holy" with the last piece, "Saints", which to me is just plain spooky.


1. Spirits
2. Witches And Devils
3. Holy, Holy
4. Saints


Albert Ayler, tenor saxophone
Norman Howard, trumpet
Henry Grimes (1,2,4) & Earle Henderson (1,3), basses
Sonny Murray, drums

All selections composed by Albert Ayler and recorded in New York City, Feb. 24, 1964

Notes by: Ole Vestergaard Jensen
Producers: Jürgen Frigaard & Robert Altshuler
Recording: Phil Iehle, Atlantic Recording Corp.
Cover design: Nina Aae

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