Monday, May 17, 2010

Baden Powell - Love Me With Guitars (1964) (320)

This well-respected Baden Powell record is perfect for the gorgeous May days that we're seeing around where I live. The opening track "Deve Ser Amor" makes me want to strap a ghetto blaster to my bike and hand out popsicles to all the fine young people. Powell's seemingly lazy guitar mastery sails flawlessly from Rio to Pernambuco to Bahia to Buenos Aires to Andalusia to Italy and back to the beach in time for sunset. His music is certainly within the Bossa Nova and Samba traditions but also draws on the slightly less known and slightly more somber, if still upbeat, Brazilian guitar style of "Choro", which literally means "I cry" in Portuguese. This digitization from the outstanding blog Toque Musical diminishes the weird channel conflicts of the LP, which result in a strange din on the Brazilian vinyl version released in 1976-- the record was released first in France and re-released many times after. I was so happy with this record that I figured I'd bring it here for you fine individuals to enjoy!


1. Deve ser amor
2. Choro para metronome
3. Adagio
4. Berimbau
5. Preludio
6. Chanson d'Hiver
7. Samba Triste
8. Bercause a Jussara
9. Prelude
10. Euridice
11. Bachiana
12. Garota de Ipanema


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