Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes - Os afro-sambas (1966) (320)

There are countless records which people might point to as capturing the sound of MPB, samba, tropicalia and other Brazilian music styles of the 1960s and 70s. Os afro-sambas is yet another landmark in the development of the Brazilian sound. The lyrics are written by "O Poetinha" Vincius de Moraes, absolutely the premier voice of Brazilian poetry and music of the time (which, to Brasileiros, are almost the same anyway). The music features guest vocals from Betty Faria on a number of tracks and lots of Yoruba and Afro-Brazilian instrumentation such as agogôs, atabaques, and various drums and flutes related to the mixed religion of candomblé. The album is indeed an early example of what would become a central theme for much tropicalia and samba influence Brazilian pop, the worship of the Orixas, deities such as Iemanjá and Oxóssi. The opening track and tribute to the Orixá of plant and foliage, "Canto de Ossanha" quickly became a samba standard. The album is short, concise and composed of a singular but magnificent musical thought whose influence continues to be heard in the contemporary music of Brazil and elsewhere.


1. Canto de Ossanha
2. Canto de Xangô
3. Bocoché
4. Canto de Iemanjá
5. Tempo de Amor
6. Canto de Pedra Preta
7. Tristeza e Solidão
8. Lamento de Exu


Vinicius de Moraes, Quarteto em Cy and Coro Misto, vocals
Pedro Luiz de Assis, tenor sax
Aurino Ferreira, baritone sax
Nicolino Cópia, flute
Baden Powell, guitar
Jorge Marinho, bass
Reisinho, drums
Alfredo Bessa, atabaque
Nelson Luiz, atabaque (pequeno)
Alexandre Silva Martins, bongos
Gilson de Freitas, pandeiro
Mineirinho, agogô
Adyr Jose Raimundo, afoxé

Sessions produced by Roberto Quartin and Wadi Gebara
Recording engineer: Ademar Rocha



  1. I know all the songs from other interpretations (Virginia Rodrigues, for exemple, has given an integral rendition of them on the album Mares profundos, 2003). Now I'm going to listen to the original... Thank you for sharing this classical album!

  2. More Vinicius de Moraes here:

  3. Thanks for this music in 320 quality!

  4. One of my all-time favorites. THANK YOU

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  6. The link is dead. Reaupload please. Thanks a lot for the beautiful music.