Friday, January 29, 2010

Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity (1975) (320)

I once asked the internet for suggestions of ambient/atmospheric music conducive to intense studying, and a friend of a friend vicariously suggested Kraftwerk's "Radio-Activity". Although I have always had love for Kraftwerk, it was when they triumphantly saved my exam grades that I actually felt grateful to the music. I think my ability to allow the music to become a secondary sensorial perception to the sight-oriented act of studying (many claim that you can't effectively read or listen to music if you try to do both at once) has to do with the fact that the album is split between German and English, and also that it gave me the sensation of beaming knowledge itself into my cranium, that made it perfect for this situation. Still, it bears a listen on its own, as long as you don't tire easily of weird sounds and Moogs. The lyrics and theme (of radioactivity and the activity of radios all at once) are very clever and although some of the tracks are a little indulgent, they're sandwiched between winners like the title track and the album closing "Ohm Sweet Ohm". Enjoy!


1. Geiger Counter
2. Radioactivity
3. Radioland
4. Airwaves
5. Intermission
6. News
7. The Voice of Energy
8. Antenna
9. Radio Stars
10. Uranium
11. Transistor
12. Ohm Sweet Ohm

Kling Klang, 1975


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