Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A-Alikes - Live or Die (2004)

I was pleasantly surprised by this record, which I bought in a thrift shop for 50 cents. I recognized the dead prez I-Ching symbol on the record cover, and since dp are one of the only "socially conscious" groups I really ever like to bump, I figured it couldn't hurt to find something like-minded. Though slightly poppier, the record is at times serious, at times fun, but always tight with production done mostly by Baby J.

Maybe I deserve a late pass, but I can't believe that the A-Alikes haven't entered the late 90s/early 00s canon which is so broadly well received by today's hip hop listeners, gangsta and backpacker alike. Enjoy!

1. Nigga Love
2. 2 Sides
3. We Got Room (feat. dead prez)
4. It's Like That
5. Get Out of Jail
6. So Good
7. Gunpoint
8. Drought Time (feat. N.I.M.R.O.D.)
9. Wintertime
10. Trust (feat. dead prez)
11. Stand Up
12. F.T.P.
13. Stop the Madness
14. Guerilla Nation (feat. I.G.)
15. Bonus Track


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  1. Salute! more coming soon.