Friday, November 5, 2010

Dr. Dre - The Chronic (1992)

This should be played at high volume. Preferably, in a residential area.

Along with Snoop's Doggystyle, The Chronic is the magnus opus of G-Funk. The album is a celebration of all things Death Row, co-starring Snoop Dogg and featuring Warren G, Nate Dogg, Kurupt & Daz (of Tha Dogg Pound), RBX, The Lady of Rage, and others. It also serves as an attack many other rappers: Eazy-E and his alliance with Jerry Heller, Luke from 2 Live Crew, Tim Dog (known for his "Fuck Compton" West Coast diss) - all of whom, apparently, can eat a big fat dick.

The production embodies the era; high-pitched whiny synths meet slithering, diminished bass lines. Then there's the obvious Parliament-Funkadelic influence. I think George Clinton deserves a production credit here - not just for the samples but the amazing interpolation of "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)" on The Chronic's outro. If you don't have it yet, grab it here in 320.

1. The Chronic (Intro)
2. Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')
3. Let Me Ride
4. The Day The Niggaz Took Over
5. Nuthin' But A G Thang
6. Deez Nuuuts
7. Lil' Ghetto Boy
8. A Nigga Witta Gun
9. Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat
10. The $20 Sack Pyramid
11. Lyrical Gangbang
12. High Powered
13. The Doctor's Office
14. Stranded On Death Row
15. The Roach (The Chronic Outro)
16. Bitches Ain't Shit


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