Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pharoah Sanders - Black Unity (1971)

Dang, I was checking out the Pharoah Sanders label on here and realized I forgot to attach a link for the Black Unity post! Whoops! Here's the recycled post, with download link:

I've been on a real Pharoah Sanders binge recently, so I decided to post 1972's Black Unity. Like other Pharoah releases, this recording is very spiritual and features some amazing players. It's one track running 37:22, with lots of great atonal freakouts. This album is very percussive, with two drummers as well as a percussionist. The two bass players, Cecil McBee and future Return to Forever member Stanley Clarke, are just as vital to the rhythmic feel. You can hear African and Asian influences in the music, sounds Pharoah experimented with for his entire career.


1. Black Unity


Pharoah Sanders, tenor saxophone, balaphone
Hannibal Marvin Peterson, trumpet
Carlos Garnett, tenor saxophone
Joe Bonner, piano
Cecil McBee, bass
Stanley Clarke, bass
Norman Connors, drums
Billy Hart, drums
Lawrence Killian, congas, talking drums, balaphone

Original sessions produced by Lee Young
Reissue produced by Michael Cuscuna
Recording engineer: Tony May
Recorded at A & R Recording Studios, New York City, on November 24, 1971



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  1. wonderful site. Pharoah Sanders is also one of my favorites. Thanks for your efforts