Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Dipset Xmas - Jim Jones (2007) (192 VBR)

Sometimes I get a little wispy-eyed when I think about that couple of years there, say,'04 '05ish, when it seemed like Dipset were really on top. Before Cam'ron started to "Get It In Ohio" and when Juelz Santana still couldn't legally buy cigarettes. Coming at the end of that era, with the unexpected visibility provided by the smash "We Fly High", Jim Jones released this gem, which I thought would only be appropriate for the season. The Kufi Smacker says on the liner notes that he "wanted to make a Christmas album for kids in the hood and shit like that". Unfortunately I only have it in 192 VBR, but after a few egg nogs and rye you won't even notice.

Jam-packed with clever double entendres involving, among other things, snow, tree, and pie, the album is perfect soundtrack for wholesome family activities such as gingerbread house construction and the stringing of Christmas lights.

Seriously, though, Christmas music mostly sucks, and this is one of the few Christmas records that can hold company with other successful holiday records by the likes of Willie Nelson, Mariah Carey, and Herb Alpert (who am I missing?).


1. Dipset X-Mas Time
2. Have a Happy Christmas
3. Wish List
4. Ballin' On Xmas
5. If Everyday Was Xmas
6. We Get Money
7. Too High
8. City Boys
9. We Fly High (Remix) (Feat. T.I., Diddy, Baby & Young Dro)
10. Letter to the Game
11. Hood Side of Things
12. Tough Talk (feat. Mel Matrix & Stack Bundles)
13. Industry Problems


It should be noted that this was by no means the last Dipset Christmas effort. One highlight of the next round includes Juelz Santana's minimal rendition of "Jingle Bellz":

And lest ye forget the original Christmas raps:

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