Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kraftwerk - Computer World (1981) (320)

I've always known Kraftwerk for Trans Europe Express and fun on the Autobahn because of these albums' heavy influence on early electro-funk and hip hop, but recently I've been loving a lot of their follow-ups, hearing the directions they went. Computer World was released in 1981, by which time American electronic music had progressed and diversified considerably. Kraftwerk prove here that they are still the German OGs, with plenty of repetitive, atmospheric, bleepy-bloopy fun and a well-thought out computer/technology theme. Besides the vocals, the album is pretty much all electronic. It's important to note that this, like other Kraftwerk albums, was released simultaneously in several languages, all with their separate vocals, and often notably different lyrics and mixes. This is the English language version.


1. Computer World
2. Pocket Calculator
3. Numbers
4. Computer World (Continued)
5. Computer Love
6. Home Computer
7. It's More Fun To Compute


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