Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mac Dre - Thizzelle Washington (2002) (320)

This is one of the classic albums by the original hyphy pioneer, the late Mac Dre. Thizzelle Washington is perhaps one of the more focused albums of the genre, and Mac Dre expertly negotiates his stature as a gangsta rapper and a complete goofball. Though the spotlight track "Thizzelle Dance" shines as a proper hyphy anthem, "Boss Tycoon" and "Dollalalala Lotsa Paypa" bounce in a similarly silly way. "Monday Through Sunday" and "Big Breaded" remind me how hard Dre can go and how surprisingly articulate he can be, though he's not necessarily a lyrical wizard. I'm not positive who did the production on each of these tracks-- I know dude did a lot of stuff for himself-- but you can hear why this stuff became the soundtrack for ricocheting hordes of dreaded teenagers on ecstasy in hoods all over the Yay Area... Shit knocks.


1. Intro (feat. Yukmouth)
2. Monday Through Sunday
3. Stuart Littles
4. Help Me (feat. Freako, Rydah J. Klyde)
5. The Mac Named Dre
6. Dam I Used to Know That
7. Boss Tycoon (feat. Yukmouth)
8. 4 Myself (feat. Devious & Dubee)
9. C.U.T.T.H.O.A.T. (feat. Cutthoat Committee)
10. Han Solo (feat. Syko)
11. Rap Life (feat. Sleep Dank)
12. Thizzelle Dance (feat. Chuck Beez)
13. Soom Lama (Interlude)
14. Big Breaded (feat. Luni Coleone)
15. Dollalalala Lotsa Paypa (feat. KC Bobcay, Sauce)
16. Miss You

Thizz, 2002